Medium Duty Trucks

Freightliner M2 106
Lightweight and maneuverable to easily haul more payload, day cab on-highway trucks are ideal for regional haul, pickup and delivery, food and beverage, auto hauling or bulk hauling.
Freightliner M2 112
The M2 112 is the truck of choice for a variety of applications — from regional haul to urban food and beverage delivery. This model is a leader in medium duty truck sales because of its exceptional flexibility, efficiency and maneuverability.

Warner Truck Centers is the top destination for customers in need of medium duty trucks in Utah, Idaho, and nearby areas. We have a growing range of medium duty trucks built to deliver excellent performance while improving your business’s efficiency. The vehicles have multiple cab configurations and support a variety of bodies and equipment for all your hauling needs.

Being the largest dealer of Freightliner trucks in North America, we provide the right heavy vehicle for your trucking needs. Among our selection of medium duty trucks include the Freightliner M2 106 and the M2 112.

Trucks that Drive Your Business

The Business Class®M2 106 delivers superior performance and efficiency that helps boost your business’s productivity. This model is nimble, durable, and always ready for the long road ahead. Day in and day out, you can count on it for regional and long haul travels, pickup and delivery, food and beverage transport, and auto or bulk hauling.

The M2 106 is the top option for customers looking for reliability, maneuverability, and visibility in their trucks. Its excellent fuel economy, ease of maintenance, and tight turning radius make it the perfect partner for conquering the demands of today’s various industries.

Not to be outdone, the Freightliner M2 112 truck is the vehicle of choice for a number of applications—from regional hauls to food and beverage delivery. This model is a standout in its class with its exceptional flexibility, efficiency, and maneuverability.

Whether you’re delivering food and beverages or picking up freight, the M2 112 truck will make it through the day, every day. It has a spacious, ergonomic interior and a host of smart features ideal for keeping drivers comfortable and productive throughout the ride.

For medium duty trucks in Utah, Idaho, and nearby places, choose Warner Truck Centers. Our team is always on-hand to help you choose the right truck for your needs.

Run with us, and we’ll make your business run more efficiently.