On-Highway Trucks Provider

Freightliner Day Cabs
Lightweight and maneuverable to easily haul more payload, day cab on-highway trucks are ideal for regional haul, pickup and delivery, food and beverage, auto hauling or bulk hauling.
Freightliner Mid-roof Sleepers
Freightliner Trucks offers a large selection of mid-roof and mid-roof XT sleepers, ready for the long haul and perfectly suited for lower loads, or bulk, tanker or flatbed configurations.
Freightliner Raised-roof Sleepers
These on-highway trucks offer customizable and spacious interiors with more headroom and ample storage space. Life on the road is better in Freightliner sleepers.

Reliability, performance, and efficiency are qualities essential for any heavy-duty truck, especially if you’re literally in it for the long haul. Warner Truck Centers is the best partner to ensure the trucks you’re getting are ones you can count on.

We are one of the largest and most trusted dealers of on-highway trucks in the Intermountain West. With an ever-growing range of heavy duty vehicles, trust that we will provide the right truck for your needs. We supply heavy trucks of all makes and models, from light- to heavy-duty.

Whether you’re looking for day cabs, mid-roof sleepers, or raised-roof sleepers, you will find the right on-highway trucks at Warner Truck Centers.

Driven to be the Best

Warner Truck Centers is all about customer satisfaction and convenience. The on-highway trucks we offer are from some of today’s top brands. These are engineered for efficiency and reliability, delivering excellent fuel economy, hassle-free maintenance, and low costs per mile. With vehicles from Freightliner and other top brands, trust that any heavy vehicle you buy from us is a smart investment.

Our team works to help you achieve the lowest cost of ownership and maximize uptime for better operations. Our range of on-highway trucks provides the reliability, performance, and efficiency you need to drive safely and promptly.

The day cabs we have are ideal for regional hauling, pickup, and delivery of various goods. These are lightweight and easy to maneuver, and optimized for strength for maximum payload.

Our mid-roof sleepers are the perfect option for lower loads or for bulk, tanker, or flatbed configurations. These also provide great comfort for drivers. Be it for the long haul or regional transport, running smart is easy with mid-roof sleepers.

The raised-roof sleeper trucks, meanwhile, have customizable, spacious interiors with more headroom and plenty of storage space. When it’s time to rest, these vehicles offer plenty of room for solo or team drivers.

When it comes to on-highway trucks in Utah, Idaho, and nearby areas, Warner Truck Centers is the name to trust. Our heavy vehicles keep drivers working at peak performance all day, every day