Severe Duty Trucks

Freightliner 108SD
With the 108SD, you get powerful, fuel-efficient engines, multiple PTO options, a chassis engineered for ease of upfit and a weight-optimized design. We provide strong and multifaceted equipment to ensure optimal heavy duty trucking performance.
Freightliner 114SD
With tough components like a heavy-duty frame, a steel-reinforced aluminum cab and extremely flexible specifications, the 114SD platform outperforms others in heavy duty truck sales because it is ready to endure the most demanding jobs.
Freightliner 122SD
The 122SD is built for severe duty inside and out. So throw everything you've got at it. Our heavy haul customers know the importance of performance when it comes to buying a new truck, which is why we strive to produce the most durable trucks on the market.

For when you need the right vehicle to do the dirty work, Warner Truck Centers has the right truck for you.

We have a range of severe duty trucks in Utah, Idaho, and nearby areas that can handle the heavy lifting. You can count on the vehicles we offer to be there for you when the going (and hauling) gets tough.

Dependability All Day, Every Day

We understand that the average heavy trucks cannot take the kind of abuse that construction and vocational jobs dole out. Our severe duty trucks, however, are not average.

These vehicles are tough-as-nails and designed to handle heavier-than-normal loads and tough road and worksite conditions. Whatever your hauling or transport needs are, trust that these heavy vehicles will perform dependably every day for every job.

We source these vehicles from some of today’s best brands, so you know you are getting only the industry’s best. Our growing range of trucks of all makes and models make Warner Truck Centers the best choice for severe duty trucks in Idaho, Utah, and nearby regions.

The 108SD trucks we have are ideal for severe environments that need exceptional vehicle maneuverability. This model packs the power of a heavyweight into a small package. It delivers unparalleled toughness up tight job sites and down narrow streets.

Our line of 114SD trucks is ideal for working the tightest jobs and taking on the toughest jobs. This model is designed to take on whatever you want to throw on or at it.

The 112SD, meanwhile, is regarded as the king of the hill, road, and jobsite. This model is built to handle severe duty work, both inside and out. Its cab is designed in a way that allows the driver to control everything from behind the wheel, making hard work a lot easier.

For severe duty trucks in Utah, Idaho, and the Intermountain West, head on over to Warner Truck Centers. We offer trucks built to take the heat no matter the task.