Western Star Trucks

Western Star Highway Trucks
It's been said that if you love what you do, you'll never have to work a day in your life. We agree. That's why we build Western Star trucks one at a time instead of taking the faster route. It gives us the chance to obsess over every square inch of every truck we make. The end result for you is a better quality long haul, auto haul, or bulk haul truck. Fact is, we love what we do. And we think you will, too
Western Star Vocational Trucks
The end of the road is no place for good enough. You need a truck that's as tough as it is reliable. In the logging, mining and oil/gas industries it's survival of the fittest. That's why you need a Western Star. Our entire line of vocational trucks is built to work. Literally. So, you won't find any highway trucks pretending to be work trucks here. They just won't meet our standards. Or yours.

Warner Truck Centers is the name to trust for Western Star trucks in Utah, Idaho, and the Intermountain West. We are a certified Western Star dealership committed to providing you with the right truck for your hauling, transport, and vocational needs.

We are one of the largest truck centers in the United States, with a growing number of facilities and vehicles in our network. Individuals, businesses, and organizations in need of Western Star trucks in the Intermountain West area can make the search a lot easier when they work with us.

We have trucks for highway and vocational purposes, all of which deliver durability, performance, and reliability you need to carry out even the toughest jobs.

Trucks that Go the Distance

Warner Truck Centers stocks Western Star highway trucks that can handle the long road ahead. We have vehicles that make the long haul, auto haul, or bulk haul jobs a lot easier and smoother. These units are built for the long haul—just like the dependable drivers that work tirelessly round the clock.

The vehicles feature updated interiors and multiple sleeper configurations to give drivers more comfort and space options. These features, along with the powertrain/engine of your choice (Detroit ® or Cummins®), work together to provide the power you need for long drives.

For auto haul jobs, we can help find the right truck for you. Western Star trucks can be customized to fit your needs and requirements. The ultimate hauler for your needs can meet even the most demanding job, and our experts are here to ensure you find it.

Other highway truck classes we have include bulk haul, heavy haul, long haul, and TL/LTL (truckload/less than truckload) vehicles.

Our line of vocational trucks, meanwhile, is built to work for you. Be it for construction, logging, mining, oil and gas, or any related sector, the vehicles we have will deliver.

Western Star trucks are engineered to save you time and money. Get it right by getting the truck from a company that helps you save more of both—Warner Truck Centers.